Closet Design Center

Boone, North Carolina

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Pantry Design
Closet Design Center in Boone, North Carolina's pantry organizer designs combine shelves, racks and drawers to maximize pantry storage of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, cook books, table linens...almost anything you can put on a shelf.  We concentrate our efforts in Boone, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, Linville, & Newland, NC.
Laundry Room Design
Closet Design Center will create laundry room cabinets and storage design ideas to help keep all of your laundry and cleaning supplies both well organized and out-of-sight. We offer laundry baskets to help with the seperation and staging tasks, making sure the light colors end up with the light. Hanging rods are placed over the sink for drip drying with no mess.

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